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The only partner you need to find new tech and digital solutions

Catapult analyzes +240000 best startups and growth companies and finds you the solutions that can speed up your business development.

2-4x higher success rate compared to any other best-known global solution, consulting company or accelerator.


The problem is not to find good innovations or startups.

The problem is to find those that can have the biggest impact on your business.



Catapult collects and analyzes all the startup data in Europe and North America so you can be certain to have the best matches on your table.

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7 out of 10 of all startups introduced by Catapult have proven to be great matches and have led to concrete negotiations.


4 things that enable Catapult to find the best matches:

1: All the available data is collected

The data is collected from all the potential tech startups in Europe and North America. We use both free (public) and paid (private) data. This means 150 data-points per company, Over 220 000 companies, and +33 million data-points in total.

2: Multiple data sources is used

Data is collected from multiple public sources and bought from private companies that sell data.

3: Data is cross-validated to ensure the highest quality of data

By cross-validating we double check what is incorrect and correct data to

4: The combination of algorithms is used

We don’t trust only on one algorithm. We use ensemble models, the combination of different algorithms such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Deep Learning (DL).


Some of our partners


“We are very pleased that Catapult has provided us with cases that have opened our minds to entirely new business possibilities that we would not have been able to find, think or even know how to look for ourselves.”
- Panu Vehniäinen | Director, YIT

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Reference industries of our corporate partners

  • Banking

  • Construction

  • Healthcare

  • Transportation

  • Energy

  • Mobile

  • E-commerce

  • Media

  • Living services

  • Manufacturing

  • Insurance

  • Logistics



#1 Startup Research

#2 Startup Market Research


Startup Research

Find the best startups, technologies & innovations for your needs



The finding and validation is done by using the combination of different algorithms (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing).


Steps of the Startup Research process:

#1 Building the research criteria -workshop

#2 The Research by Catapult

#3 End Results and Suggestions -workshop

#4 Match-making; scheduling & facilitating the meetings with selected cases


Quality & Results (in 2018)

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“We are very pleased that Catapult has provided us with cases that have opened our minds to entirely new business possibilities that we would not have been able to find, think or even know how to look for ourselves.”

- Panu Vehniäinen | Director, YIT



Startup Market Research

Get the precise understanding of the tech innovation and startup landscape



Gives the precise understanding of:

A) What solution range (services, innovations, solutions, products) can be found from the chosen research topic?

B) How much your competitors and stakeholders have invested within this chosen topic?

C) What are the biggest growing solutions that are the most relevant to your business?

D) What services have generated most traction and investments within your chosen topic?

Examples of the wide topics:

  • Construction site efficiency and management

  • Industrial process efficiency

  • Open banking

  • Health

  • Business opportunities in data

  • Sustainability in energy

  • Customer service solutions

  • Smart cities

  • Smart buildings

  • Transportation

  • Marketing & Sales automation


Steps of the process:

#1 Choose a wide topic

#2 The Research by Catapult

#3 End Results and Suggestions -workshop

#4 Next steps for venture collaboration


We got a clear picture of the current status of the topics relevant to us in the startup & innovation scene. Also, understanding of peers’ activities related to startup & innovation investments was valuable.”

— Jani Ekman | Strategy Development, Neste

Why we provide the best startups for corporates?


eBooks & Reports


Created by our in-house business thinkers, data analysts and growth hackers based on decades of experience in the startup, tech and innovation field as well as collaboration and discussions with +200 industry-leading corporates across Europe.

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Our solution is built upon +20 years of experience in the innovation & startup ecosystem in Europe and North America.




Mikael Juntunen

COO & Founder



Paavo Beckman

CEO & Founder







Matti Copeland

Growth Market Leader, Nordic Business Development at EY



Johannes Milén

Program Director in Eastern Europe at Pepsico (Former CIO at Kesko)



Jerry Jalava

AI Guru, Senior System Architect at Qvik, Google Developer Expert