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#1 Innovation Headhunter in Europe

 Stop searching for relevant innovations and growth companies - Catapult FINDS them for you. Startup Catapult's data driven Team with proprietary Machine & Deep Learning algorithms continuously researches more than 100.000 top notch European startups, and matches them with your business development needs. Join our international, multi-billion corporate customers and let us help you create your success story in the world of innovation.

”Catapult provides the means for corporations
to implement their digitalization strategy
a practical level.” 

Johannes Milén, Director, Pepsico

Three Data Driven Services

Research&Discovery of Startups

1. Research & Discovery

Catapult’s main service module is the data-driven innovation research that enables your company to discover new technologies and matches new solutions to your development needs. Europe wide research is funneled from a pool of over 100.000 startup and growth companies Service includes Landscape mapping, Startup & Scaleup Data Research and Discovery + Validation and development.

The validation is based on altogether  150 datapoints from which Manual Validation covers 14 key metrics, and Machine & Deep Learning with Natural Language Processing 136 key metrics.

Startup Research Pilot

2. Pilot

Our pilot is designed to minimize the work load on the client-side and deliver insight to the chosen focus sector. We create value to your corporation by providing a versatile and vast data driven overview of a selected business development area or challenge.

Venture Consulting Service

3. Venture Consulting

Adopt empirically proven collaboration structures to your everyday M&A business with growth companies & utilize our years of experience in operating processes in innovation boarding.

Reference Industries

Reference Corporate Clients

"We are very pleased that Catapult has provided us with cases that have opened our minds to entirely new business possibilities that we would not have been able to find, think or even know how to look for ourselves."

Panu Vehniäinen - Director, Business Solution and Service Management at YIT

Due to the expertly structured process, Catapult's clients enjoy a whopping 76% success rate on all companies introduced.


About Catapult

Catapult was founded by two serial entrepreneurs, who share the passion and vision of producing value to their peers by connecting European startups and corporations. These co-founders, Mikael Juntunen & Paavo Beckman, have been involved with growth companies for years, claiming experience both as founders and mentors.

  Mikael Juntunen           COO

Mikael Juntunen

+358 50 4055252

   Paavo Beckman           CEO

Paavo Beckman


The Catapult Team consists of expertise in startup & innovation research, validation, marketing, tech development and sales to ensure we can achieve the goals set together with our corporate clients in a very result oriented way.


Matti Copeland

Matti Copeland

Growth Market Leader, Nordic Business Development at EY

Johannes Milen

Johannes Milén

Program Director in Eastern Europe at Pepsico
(Former CIO at Kesko)

Jerry Jalava

Jerry Jalava

AI Guru, Senior System Architect at Qvik, Google Developer Expert, Authorized Google Cloud Trainer