The Smartest Catapulting Platform in Europe

 Stop searching for relevant innovations and growth companies - simply FIND them. Startup Catapult does the extensive scanning of more than 100K top notch European startups and matches them with your business development needs. Join our international, multi-billion corporate customers and let us help you create your success story in the world of innovation.


Startup Catapult

Startup Catapult strives to be the smartest Catapulting platform in Europe. We want Europe to be the best ecosystem for growing businesses - one where cross-border collaboration is an asset. We believe that these goals are achieved by co-operation between startups and larger corporations. Corporations need to utilize the agile and innovative startups in order to keep up with the markets. Startups on the other hand need great reference clients and funding. This is what our platform enables.

Our platform offers a solution for corporations to find, not search, startups that perfectly match their business development needs. Startup Catapult’s smart platform scans a database of over 100K top notch European startups and finds the ones that are right for your needs. In our operations we practice our core values: quality, transparency and agility.

Catapult Platform

Stop searching for relevant innovations and growth companies – simply just find them. Our unique Catapult Platform provides you perfect matches in your business sector. Without going through extensive scanning processes yourself, our platform saves you time, money and you get the results you've been looking for. We enable our clients to connect with the most significant industry leading startups effortlessly, freeing you time to concentrate on your business. The whole ideology behind our platform is to make the co-operative process of corporations and startups as streamlined as possible.

Catapult Platform matches you with the startup companies you need, in order to disrupt the business you are looking to grow.



For  Corporations, Investors & Leaders Group contact:

Mikael Juntunen
+358 50 4055252

For Startup & Growth Companies contact:

Panu Maula
+358 40 6693888

 Mikael Juntunen           COO

 Mikael Juntunen

     Panu Maula   Scanning Expert

     Panu Maula
  Scanning Expert

  Paavo Beckman           CEO

  Paavo Beckman

   Essi Heikkinen       Marketing

   Essi Heikkinen

   Izabela Holota       Developer

   Izabela Holota