Startup Catapult

Why do startups develop so fast in the U.S., but European startups struggle to go forward? This is the thought that was rolling around our CEO Paavo Beckman's mind while moving back to Finland after living in Silicon Valley. The situation needs to be turned around, and for that reason, Catapult has stepped up to the plate to correct the errors happening in the European Startup-scene. The sole purpose of Catapult is to drive Startups forward as fast as possible. The old way wasn't working, so we came in to the scene with new blueprints on the table for accelerating Startups. Is it fair that a Startup Accelerator Program takes a 5-10% equity of your company for a few months  of help and mentoring?  Fair or not, Startup Catapult won't ask for you to give up any shares of your company.

Catapult Platform

Our unique Catapult Platform will enable seamless collaboration between Startup companies and experienced business professionals. Through our platform the Catapult Gurus are able to see live in which areas the Startup needs most help and what kind of connections they need. In vice versa the Startups have an easy access to all the Gurus and can specifically search for a Guru who is an expert in the area they need help with. The whole ideology is to make this process as streamlined as possible.