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Data-driven Competitor Investment Analysis


Would you like to know what type of strategic decisions and investments your competitors have made and what type of new business opportunities they want to succeed with?


How it works?


You provide the list of competitors which are the most relevant and crucial to analyze for your corporate needs.


We conduct an in-depth data-driven competitor investment analysis within 1-2 weeks:



We harvest data from multiple data sources with access to 240.000+ technologies across Europe and Northern America.


Using multiple algorithms (AI, ML, NLP) and manual analysis, we cross-validate the data by reviewing 50+ million data-points.


Based on the experience of collaborating with +200 corporates, we combine data and business know-how to formalize the competitor analysis into a comprehensible deliverable.


As an end deliverable, you will receive an overview on the most relevant venture deals made by the industry-leading competitors in last 12 months, including:

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✓ Corporate competitors

✓ Total Investments

✓ Active portfolio

✓ List and description of cases invested in

✓ Investments & Exits

✓ Median Round Amount & Valuation

✓ Industry segments

✓ Region (with deal count & median size)

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We got a clear picture of the current status of the topics relevant to us in the startup & innovation scene. Also, understanding of peers’ activities related to startup & innovation investments was valuable.
— Jani Ekman | Strategy Development, Neste

If you want to know your competitors’ investment activities and have the certainty about their strategic focus areas, schedule a 30-min call to know more.