ArcticStartup - Reverse Pitching

If you've never attended ArcticStartup's events, you should give it try.

Reversed Pitching is an event organized for corporations and startups, who are looking for collaboration and joint innovation, in other words, money.

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Reversed Pitching is a free event organized by ArcticStartup. This was the first time Catapult had any attendees at this particular event, so we went there without knowing what to expect. The turnout for the event was surprisingly good considering that the gathering lasted about 5 hours and had no breaks, and the invitees were busy entrepreneurs and corporation hot shots. On the plus side 5 hours felt a lot shorter when there's plenty of coffee and other refreshments on offer.

For a change it was startups that got to hear pitches from corporations on what they do, what's their value proposition and what they want and need from the startup scene. This time the pitching companies were Finnish corporations Helen, Lohja City, Aktia bank and Tieto Ltd. After each pitch there was plenty of time for questions and answers, and even business proposals. There's also plenty of time for networking with the corporations as well as other startups and attendees.

Reverse pitching gave a pretty good overall view on what's trending in the corporate world at the moment. It seems that corporations are trying to find new innovative ways to enhance their customer service experiences and make them more personal in order to set apart from their competition and increase their sales. It's no surprise that bigger companies are reaching out to startups so that they can develop their services and inner, as wells as IT processes into more efficient ones. Corporations are finally realizing that we live in the age of data. They sit on a ton of customer data that they're now starting to utilize. Companies are motivated in finding new ways of connecting this data to processes so they can optimize and make these processes more efficient, customer friendly and safe.

Our recently launched new service, LeadersGroup aims exactly towards this type of collaboration between startups and bigger corporations. Startups have growing pains and Corporations are getting too old fashioned. After all, startups and corporations have the same goals - they both want their businesses to keep growing and maintain healthy and wealthy. Why not help each other reach those goals and work together?

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Read more about ArcticStartup's reverse pitching: