Marketer's 5 tips for a lean startup

1. Product testing and development

The best way to find the right niche for a product is to test it, a lot. The more you test your product the more specific it becomes. By testing it constantly, you keep developing and enhancing it so you end up with the best version of it. You need to include the early adapters and users of your product in the testing phase and get their honest feedback and user experience of it. The users involved from the beginning are the people who are the most interested in your product, so they're as interested in making the product the best possible in the market, just like you.

2. Focus on acting rather than planning

You should act quickly on your ideas. This is how you get the benefits of a first mover in the markets. People who run their business dynamically conquer the world because they make mistakes, fail and evolve and learn from them. In today's rapidly evolving markets, there's not much time to plan too much. There seldom an error too big to correct subsequently.


3. Commit to your early adapters

You don't need to go all out and start big if you want to be successful. It's not the amount of consumers that count in the beginning, it's the commitment of the first ones. If your goal is to target 100,000 consumers, you should start by focusing on the first 100. If you can engage 100 people in using your product you can utilize them as a marketing resource. Your customer group can end up being the best marketing tool, as the early users tend to be very dedicated to the product.


4.Build exclusivity around your product

It's very tricky to find the right way and time to launch a new product, but there are certain generalizations that work most of the time. One of them is that consumers love to feel special and important, in short, people love exclusivity. If you are able to build exclusivity around your product and do it right, it's a great advantage. People love bragging. Give them something really special that their comrades don't have, and it's safe to say, they will tell other people about it. A good example of this is Spotify. The way they marketed themselves is how their product is ran, users invite their friends and acquaintances to use it and try it out. This way spotify got more users and rewarded the members with free memberships. At the same time they created exclusivity around the product through this "invitation only" type of a platform.


5. Transparent & personal communication 

Consumers hate boring press statements and superficial updates. They way to get your audience is to communicate to them in a more personal way. Build a story around your brand and  let them know about the making of your product and the team behind it. People love a good story and love to share them with their friends. If you treat your customers well, they will be more loyal and create a stronger connection to the company and the product in general. They're more likely to buy the product and keep using it.