Why Catapult your business?

Stop giving up equity to gain value for your business: Catapult your company to success!
Catapult is the most significant Catapulting Platform in Europe. We’re all about making your company grow faster and helping it reach international markets as fast as possible. We work with startups and corporations around Europe all the way to Silicon Valley, CA. Our portfolio is currently generating a total money flow of 1.000.000€ (one million euros) quarterly and in the near future we are expanding our business within the EU.

Our unique Catapult Platform enables seamless collaboration between Startup companies and experienced business professionals. Through the Platform, our established business professionals, the Catapult Gurus are able to locate in which areas your Startup needs most help with, and they are able to provide you with knowledgeable help and essential business contacts. The whole ideology is to make this process as streamlined as possible.

We believe, that to be able to help a startup the best way possible, it should only be paying for real added value. Catapult doesn’t ask you to give up equity or pay for empty promises. Our network of Gurus is ready to bring real value into your company, and you only pay for actual results which bring in money to your company through sales, funding or investments.

Right now we are looking for new Startups to work with Multi Billion Corporations in our network. Validated Catapult Startups receive:
● Funding (investment, grants)
● Business connections (we aim to open the market as fast as possible)
● Mentoring (free legal services, message crystallizing etc.)

You decide what's best for your company and we're here to help you get there. If you are the best of the best and ready to race forward fast, be swift and send an application to be Catapulted at www.catapult.guru/application


Panu &
Catapult Team