Want to Catapult your business forwards in 2017?

We at Startup Catapult are keen to boost our business further this year! Our team members Paavo, Mikael, Panu, Essi and Izabela have committed into putting all our efforts towards five folding our revenue this year.

This entails 5 times faster learning: how can we stop making the same mistakes, how can we learn more efficient ways to work, and get better results and how can we improve every week? In order to five fold our revenue, we also have to increase our process efficiency. We are going to make this happen by the help of our newest team member Izabela, who's going to transform our platform into a tool that startups and corporations just simply can't live without.

We're also working on streamlining our manual processes so we don't waste time on stuff that isn't necessary or urgent. Performance and call to action efficiency is something that can, and has to, always be improved and the past year we have taken some pretty sizable steps in holding on to our KPIs and short term goals, which has lead to big corporate customers and invaluable contacts as well as growth in revenue.

It's important to have ambition and drive, and to remind yourself and your team, what your mutual objectives are. It's also essential to have personal aspirations that support the common objectives of your team as well as your personal life.

This article helps you achieve your personal goals for 2017, so you can be sure that you meet your targets and have a successful year by getting rid of your bad working habits. This way you don't waste time or effort, but succeed, and you might even have more free time in your hands.

1. Stop comparing yourself to others.

It's self sabotage, since most of the time you work on different tasks at different levels so the comparisons aren't fair. The time you waste on focusing what others are doing, is much better spent on advancing your own projects. 

2. Don't overload your to-do list.

41% of to-do list items never get done, when you try to do too many things you're most likely to set yourself up for failure.

3. Stop always saying YES.

If you want to keep your to-do list in check, only say yes to activities that advance your core priorities and KPIs.

4. Stop trying to be perfect at everything.

If everything you do or produce has to be perfect before "going live", you'll produce very little. This will slow your growth and your learning curve.

5. Don't avoid failure.

The person who fails the most usually wins the most. The more you step outside of your comfort zone and do something that might not work, the more insight you get on what can work.

6. You're not a superman.

You can't do everything on your own, so stop trying. This is why you have a team. Focus your time on the core activities and delegate or automate the rest.

7. Stop planning too stiffly. 

Change is guaranteed, it is easier to adapt to change if you're plans aren't set in stone.

8. Don't operate without a strategy.

Approximately only 65% of companies have a business strategy. If you don't know how you'll successfully compete in the markets, you'll find yourself engaging in a bunch of busy work instead of activities that would take your business forwards.

9. Don't count on multitasking

Doing more than one thing at a time will help you get more things is seldom the case. Studies say that you are 40% less productive when you multitask.

10. Stop working too hard.

In order to be effective your mind needs time to rest, rejuvenate and play. Overwork decreases productivity and the quality of work, so you may end up redoing work that has already been done carelessly.

11. Never walk alone.

You'll go forwards faster with a team and the right people by your side. Creating and utilizing a synergy with others will magnify your efforts.

12. Know your numbers.

In order to find out what works and what doesn't, what to improve and what to get rid of, you have to know your data. Operate with the reality of what's happening.

13. Not having a consistent customer acquisition system

Your business needs customers to survive. Implement a reliable system that keeps customers in your pipeline and bring new customers to it.

14. Never stop learning!

Capturing knowledge from others helps you do your work better. Don't forget to apply what you have learned.

15. Don't try to figure out everything on your own.

Time is scarce, there's no point in trying to reinvent the wheel. Learn from the battle scars of others instead of earning your own.

16. Don't spend too much time on shallow work

Engage in deep work, focus on tackling meatier tasks for longer periods of time  that have tangible impacts on your growth.

17. Don't allow yourself to be easily distracted.

Turn off constant distractions. If a new opportunity looks like it will be beneficial for achieving your goals, asses if it's worth replacing something else on your list before you get too invested in it.


Self improve and get rid of your bad working habits. First focus on getting rid of one and then move on to the next one, by the end of the year you'll see the positive impacts in your results. 

We wish everyone a successful new year!