Disruptive Startups

There are countless startups in the world, but only a handful are industry game changers.

Some of us strive to change the ways we communicate, build, listen to music and for example how we pay for things.

Here are some disruptive startups from the US, that will, according to the Tech insider, change the way we do things for good, or go broke trying:




Makerbot is disrupting the printing and manufacturing industries with their 3D printing methods. Their concept is pretty much to print anything in 3D, but the reason why they are disruptive is the Makerbot technology. Most things you can print in 3D look like plastic toys, but MakerBot's technology has a bigger potential. Imagine your door knob breaking and needing a new one, well Instead of going to the store you could print one at home instead. That's where MakerBot is headed. 

MakerBot's 3D Printers rely on a technology called Fused Deposition Modeling, or FDM. It uses an extruder, which acts similar to a hot glue gun. Plastic filament is fed in through the top, melted at 215℃, and finally is “extruded” out of a small nozzle into the layers that build a 3D print.


Kickstarter is changing the retail and finance industries. It encourages pre-ordering and lets anyone invest in anything. 

Before Kickstarter, startups and entrepreneurs had to bootstrap or seek funding before testing the idea and how it's received in the community. Kickstarter enables the community to validate the business concepts early on, sometimes even before a prototype is made. Kickstarter's most profitable project yet, Pebble, raised more than 10 million dollars in pre-orders so no money was spent on inventory that wouldn't or didn't sell.

Since their launch, in 2009, 12 million people have backed a project, $2.9 billion has been pledged, and 119 549 projects have been successfully funded.


uBeam wants to change how we charge our devices.

uBeam uses ultrasonic waves to charge phones and computers wirelessly from one source. We all know it's a pain when you forget your charger and then when you try to borrow one, it's not compatible with your device. There has been a solution for this, PowerMat, but the device still has to be touching the pad in order to charge. uBeam is working on a solution that will charge multiple devices from a single, wireless source that will charge all devices in close proximity.



ZocDoc changes the way we book doctor's appointments.

Their concept is to make it easy and free to book last-minute doctor's appointments, whether you need to go to the dentist or to a dermatologist. With their app you can get a doctor's appointment on the same day from a close proximity.

ZocDoc has on-boarded tons of doctors in Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Tampa and Washington DC.


Dwolla enables you to pay someone any amount of money instantly; no percentage is taken by fees. Dwolla charges 25 cents per transaction over $10; transactions under $10 are free.

A lot of companies are using mobile payments around credit cards, but what Dwolla is trying to establish, is a whole new payment method that's credit card free. It links users' bank accounts and lets you transfer as much money as you have on your account. All payments under 10 dollars are free for the vendor, so there's no need for minimum payment amounts in for example restaurants anymore. If you're a small business, imagine not losing a big chunk of change to Visa or MasterCard. That's what Dwolla's working to solve.

These are only a few examples of disruptive startups from the USA, from markets that are booming at the moment and where there's so much competition. 


We shouldn't forget how much our lives have already changed in the past decade, due to some major successes that disrupted their industries, like:

Spotify - disrupted the music industry and changed the way we buy and listen to music. 

AirBnb - changed the accommodation service markets

Uber that has made it so much more convenient to get a ride, or food, when you need it

Tesla that is disrupting the mental image that we have of cars and how they work.