Finland's top 10 hottest startups

A journal called Talouselämä wrote an article where they listed 10 hottest startups in Finland according to their established council. The council consisted of professional venture capitalists and was led by Aalto University's Executive in residence, Bruce Oreck. They invited tens of startups that have gotten publicity and a hundred startups that Talouselämä had published news regarding their funding rounds.

All the startups are under five years old and their turnover was under 10 million euros in 2015. The startups listed below are not in a reciprocal order, but are all equally awesome and some of them we were lucky enough to meet at Slush last November.

Here's Finland's top 10 hottest startups:

Blueprint Genetics

Blueprint Genetics is a genetic diagnostics company that receives dna- samples from doctors and hospitals and investigates all the inheritable diseases. They provide actionable genetic knowledge for all medical specialties.

Claned Group

Claned is a cloud-based learning platform developed in close collaboration with its' end-users and educational experts. This platform utilizes Finnish pedagogy and machine learning. They help learners study more efficiently, offer adaptive and collaborative learning materials efficiently and apply digital learning intuitively.


Netmedi is a Nordic health technology company developing digital solutions for data-driven and personalized health care. Netmedi has an application that guides the patient through treatment and recovery and enables a consistent follow-up on the outcomes. It also enhances the communication and information flow between patients and their care teams.


Next Games

Next Games developed and designed a mobile game based on the tv-show walking dead and intertwined it as part of the television experience. Next Games create visually impressive, highly engaging games and have an ambitious strategy to develop lasting global mobile entertainment.


Paptic is a revolutionary, environmental new material replacing paper and plastic. Paptic consists mainly of wood fibers but is twice as durable as normal paper and unlike plastic is 80% biodegradable. 


ResQ Club

With ResQ Club's app you can find meals that otherwise would go to waste. You'll get good quality restaurant food that's inexpensive and get to know new restaurants near you. developes a sotfware for optimizing and automating Facebook advertising and marketing at scale. 


Talentadore has developed a recruiting software that utilizes artificial intelligence. Their software gives personalized feedback to each job candidate, it also enables you to track and measure how your employer brand is evolving in real time. Software

Looks for data from the open sources of the web and offers tools and leads for sales organizations. 


Verto Analytics

Verto Analytics provides a consumer-centric measurement solution for monitoring the complex behavior of today’s consumer on every device, app, and platform they use throughout the day. Verto Analytics also provide data and insights that inform marketing, competitive intelligence, media buying, product strategy and development.