Work hard, Play harder - Getting Ready for Summer Vacation!

For busy professionals and entrepreneurs it might be hard to leave work stuff behind for holidays and even after the office hours. In our next week's blog post we have gathered some tips on how stress affects us and how to really relax and let your body and mind relax during your holiday. This article focuses on how prepare for your vacation, so you have less to stress about when leaving the office to go and enjoy summer. Consider this your checklist for a carefree vacation!


The key to making time and headspace is to start preparing for time off a good month before you actually shut down the office. You can't control what your clients do, but you can do extra preparation to reduce the amount of work that's waiting for you after your time off. Make sure you have all invoices prepared and ready to be sent and aim to finish projects and meet deadlines before majority of the staff is out of office.


For some business owners summer vacations can mean a seasonal cash-flow headache, since clients take longer to pay and most companies tend to postpone decision-making and starting new partnerships until fall time. This doesn't lower an entrepreneur's stress level, when vacation expenses are adding up too. It makes sense to create a special budget for that period, make room in your budget for extra expenses and delayed payments.

Set clear systems and directions for employees to follow

You might struggle to unplug because you worry about the daily operations and how they're functioning. Create and communicate franchise-like operating systems that employees can easily follow while you're away. Create a document that outlines what to do across a range of scenarios, so employees can take operate in a self-imposed way. You want your employees to be able to come up with a solution on their own 95% of the time you're away, so leave clear instructions.

Draw a hard line between work and pleasure

You need to separate working-time and down-time in order to embrace relaxation. It's important not to fall into the trap of working a little and relaxing a little, it's not productive and you can't switch your mind away from work that fast, to actually relax. Plan a relaxation period in advance and complete critical tasks before unplugging, revisit final touches later on. Your brain needs a break from constant engagement.