Vision, Mission & Values

Vision, Mission and Values are some of the simplest yet most effective governance tools. Defining your mission (knowing what you're doing), vision (where you want your company to go) and values (how your going to get there), are the glue that holds your team and your organization together, and helps you find and maintain a mutual direction. These three definitions are also an essential part of building your company's strategic foundation and developing your strategy. Vision, mission and values are elements that are the fundaments for your business strategy. The three elements are dynamic and may change over time, but the intent behind them stays static and helps you have clarity when making business decisions. 

For us this week's team meeting was the perfect time to discuss and update our vision, mission and values, since we welcomed a new member to our team this week, Izabela! It is extremely important for a small team to be on the same page and work towards the same goals so we can achieve them as efficiently as possible. We also feel that although it's important to accentuate monetary accomplishments and results when doing business, we shouldn't forget the softer values that guide our operations.

As a team we updated and fine-tuned our guidelines for our operations and our proud to introduce you to Catapult's vision, mission and values! We aim to provide the smartest catapulting platform in Europe by offering automated tools for business development that bring together the "dinosaurs" and "unicorns" of the business world. Our respectable mission is to help businesses achieve success stories in the world of innovations that keeps changing and moving forwards faster and faster. We want to be a value adding agent in creating success stories that will change the way we're used to doing things. We want to actualize these goals and visions by being agile, maintaining and creating quality in everything we do and finally, by being transparent internally as well as with all our stakeholders and partners. Agility will enable us to learn faster, have freedom to adjust to changes and to be faster and more efficient with our business moves. Quality is important no matter what your product or service is and it is the core foundation and value promise of our actions and operations.