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Transfluent produces high quality translations in nearly any language through a very foolproof user interface. Catapult recently introduced Transfluent to Iturri Group and the following day this amazing startup got their first order from Iturri Group. Transfluent has very promising prospects for the future with ongoing collaboration with Iturri Group and other interested parties.



TalentAdore gives fully personalized and meaningful feedback to each job candidate during the recruiting process in just 10 seconds. This eliminates the negative economic and brand image related effects on the recruiting company that may not have the resources to give feedback to every applicant. They closed their first funding round with Catapult and the demand for their product is reaching new hights. TalentAdore has evoked interest in several big corporations.



Minit offers a revolutionizing process mining tool for companies that enables automated business process discovery with actionable insights in seconds. Gartner Group praised Minit stating it is the world’s best Process Analytics Tool. This is no surprise when you take a look at the impressive clientele they’ve already acquired around the world.



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